Orthodontics services offered in Banning, Corona and Hemet, CA


Orthodontics services offered in Banning, Corona and Hemet, CA

Orthodontics is an area of dental practice focused on creating straighter, healthier smiles. For many residents of Brea, Banning, Corona, and Hemet, California, advanced general and cosmetic dentistry specialist Ayed Hawatmeh, DDS, of Bravo Dental Group is their orthodontic practitioner of choice. Book a consultation online or over the phone today to learn more. 

Orthodontics Q&A

What kinds of services are considered orthodontics?

Orthodontics is an area of dental care that helps address any alignment issues. The gentle curve of your jaw allows your teeth to come in next to one another. This alignment creates a strong bite as well as an attractive smile. 

When teeth are too close together, too far apart, or otherwise misaligned, orthodontics offers a solution. Traditional metal braces are the most common type of orthodontic treatment and consist of a series of small metal brackets affixed to the surface of your teeth and held together with a treatment wire. 

Invisalign® is another orthodontic treatment and works by using clear plastic trays that snap over the surface of your teeth to create the gentle pressure needed to improve alignment. This approach allows you to straighten your smile without any metal components. 

Once your active orthodontic treatment is complete, wearing a retainer ensures your results last. Retainers fit over your teeth and provide the support needed to prevent shifting. Dr. Hawatmeh advises you on which type of retainer is needed and how long you should continue wearing the device. 

How do I know if I might benefit from orthodontics care?

The best way to learn what orthodontics can do for you is to come in for a personalized consultation. Bringing children in around age 7 gives parents an idea of what to expect in terms of later orthodontic needs. Some issues can even be addressed early, potentially eliminating the need for braces or shortening later treatment. 

During your consultation, you’ll learn more about how braces can help you achieve a straight, healthy, and beautiful smile.  

How long will my orthodontics treatment last?

Your actions have a great deal of impact on how long your orthodontic treatment might take. With traditional metal braces, coming in for all your scheduled appointments is an important part of staying on track. Avoiding damage and coming in for repairs or replacement is also important. 

With Invisalign, wearing your trays as advised is essential. The system can only work when the trays are in place, so be sure to wear them around the clock unless you’re eating or cleaning your teeth. 

To explore orthodontics care in more detail, give us a call or complete the simple form below. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve a healthier mouth and a smile that can last a lifetime!